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We have all the solutions to fix your window or door problems.

At Sandstrom Windows, we offer repair services for every type and brand of door & windows. We have great relationship with major manufacturers and are brand certified in repairing many of the brand products listed below. Because we work with these manufacturers so often, you are guaranteed to get the best and fastest service when Sandstrom Windows does your repair. Our team is well-versed with the warranties of these companies allowing us to help you save as much money as possible during your repair. Give Sandstrom Windows a call today and let us help you save money on a quality repair job.

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Servicing most major brands of windows including:
Crestline ✅

Hayfield ✅

Kolbe & Kolbe


Marvin ✅


Peachtree ✅
Pella ✅

Schield Family Brands ✅

Scherer Brothers
Vetter ✅


WeatherShield ✅

Windsor ✅

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Window Repair

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